Users Guide

The Process:
1.Owner lists horse. The team screen prior to publication and may contact owner for further information before publishing. Owners sign up to honesty and transparency when listing.
2.Those interested in any horse in the first instance need to be registered and can then liaise further with the owner via the messaging system. All messages are monitored by the Horses4Homes team.
3.If wishing to pursue further and visit an application is submitted. This applications gives those interested a chance showcase ability and the type of home to offer. We do also ask for 2 references. All applications are screened by the team and further questions asked if needed.
4.Owner then receives the application and visits are arranged if owner deems suitable.

5.If visits go well owner may invite to visit again. It is then recommended that the owner follows up references supplied and carries out a home check. Horses4Homes can arrange a home check, for this there is a small donation request.
6.Once owner and applicant are ready to proceed to rehoming Horses4Homes will put together a bespoke rehoming/loan agreement.
7.Horses4Homes then contact all new homes every 6 months to see how things are going. Always love to receive photos and update!

   Over 90% of our users surveyed believe Horses4Homes vastly limits the risks associated with rehoming & over 95% would recommend our service to fellow horse owners.

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